PointsBet Illinois

Illinois residents have a reason to smile, seeing as sports wagering has finally been legalized in this state. Further to this, players do not have to go through in person account creation at a legalized sportsbook, following Governor J.B. Pritzker’s announcement. At the moment, players can register for new accounts online.

PointsBet – From Australian to the US

PointsBet is a well-established online sports wagering brand from Australia. After their victory over Down Under, the made the bold move of branching out into the United States. PointsBet, a favorite of most, has finally gotten to Illinois! Boasting one of the most user friendly apps in the market, in addition to lucrative promotions, bettors have more than one reason to go the PointsBet way. The Illinois sportsbook in particular, offers bettors with some special bonuses that are simply irresistible!

Given how many opportunities players can land exploring American betting, this was a smart move on PointsBet’s part. As an integral part of their marketing campaign, they teamed up with popular NFL players, yet another brilliant move. PointsBet got into the game hard, going live in a number of states, with plans to add more to the list. PointsBet recently got to Illinois, which was a welcome move. The sportsbook in return rewards subscribers with enticing incentives, including a special PointsBet Illinois promo code.

Partnership Details

July 2016 saw PointsBet get issued with a gaming license (temporary) in Illinois. This made them eligible to conduct online sports betting. This was possible through a partnership with Hawthorne Race Course, an entity that currently holds an Illinois Master Sports Betting license.  The Hawthorne Race Course partnership works perfectly well for PointsBet seeing as they will get to set up a sportsbook here, in addition to 3 other off-track wagering sites. The PointsBet sportsbook can be found in Hawthorne’s OTB Oakbrook Terrace, Prospect Heights, and Crestwood locations.

The Hawthorne Race Course is undertaking renovation ($400 million) which seeks to expand the casino’s gaming brand across Chicago. This renovation is diverse and all-inclusive, featuring table games, slots, sports betting and many more options.

When entering the Illinois sports wagering market, PointsBet signed Devin Hester, a Chicago Bears icon, as their main brand ambassador. With this partnership, Hester will be in a position to do special promotions to PointsBet Illinois customers to help in brand growth.

In addition to its various partnerships, PointsBet added NBC to the list through a multi-year partnership. NBC is a reputable media empire in the US. NBC will promote PointsBet odds on all its sports programming, alongside signage and commercials during the sports broadcasts.

PointsBet is increasing in popularity, transforming into a leading brand in the industry. They are the 4th sportsbook to launch a mobile app in the huge Illinois market. As compared to other sportsbooks, PointsBet is the one that is in close proximity to Chicago the most.

PointsBet Illinois Welcome Bonus

Registering at PointsBet will leave you feeling right at home as it comes with a welcome bonus up to a limit of $250, especially upon making use of the available promo codes such as MAXBONUS. The welcome bonus is a sort of tier bonus that comes with additional options. The bonuses work as follows: A $50 deposit earns players $150, a $150 deposit earns them $300 and a $250 earns bettors $500. In order to claim this welcome bonus, you only need to follow the steps below:

  • Create a PointsBet account
  • Go through the entire registration process, seeing as only new bettors are eligible to this offer
  • Choose your ideal mode of payment based on the items on the tier list
  • The deposit amount should be between $50 and $250
  • Place your wager. The deposit amount determines the bonus amount that you can get

Wagering Requirements (Bonus Terms)

In Illinois, sports betting is legal. As such, an additional sports betting app, especially one as reputable as PointsBet is such a welcome offer. The main wagering requirement in Illinois has to do with age. Players are required to be 21 years old and above. Additionally, bettors should be within the state lines when registering and also when wagering. The most common games that you can bet on include Tennis, Rugby Union, Football, Cricket, Horse Racing and Handball.

How to Place a Bet at PointsBet Illinois

PointsBet really looks out for their customers, ensuring that their wagering experience is as smooth as it gets. In order to place your wager, follow the easy and straightforward steps below:

  • Visit PointsBet website
  • Click on the conspicuous red sign-up button, usually at the right hand corner of your screen
  • Enter MaxBonus as the PointsBet Illinois promo code, or any other available promo code
  • Enter your name and active email address
  • Key in your personal details including gender, ID, phone number, date of birth, physical address and social security number
  • Choose a username alongside the password
  • Confirm the account
  • Make your first deposit
  • Get wagering

PointsBet Illinois Sports Betting Section

Illinois might be a relatively new sports wagering market, but it has great potential. Chicago boasts an array of game fans as well as tons of professional teams (sports). While state politics could have thwarted all efforts to take the sports betting industry to the next level, Governor Pritzker made things easy for bettors by allowing for online sign ups. Ever since, the growth has been tremendous.

The market in Illinois started out with a penalty period spanning 18 months for all the huge sportsbooks operators. The beauty with PointsBet lies on the array of options that it offers players when it comes to sports betting. Below is a list of some of the most common betting options available at PointsBet.

Money lines- These require the player to simply predict a winner in any given game, event or contest. Favorites are usually displayed as negative odds and the underdogs as positive ones.

Point spread- with point spreads, sportsbooks usually pre-determine a game’s or event’s spreads. This can be anything ranging from how many points the favorite team needs to win by or how much the underdogs need to get close in order for the game to end up getting closer to your bet. If the choice you make ends up covering the set spread, then you end up winning.

Overs or Unders- This betting option is usually a wager on whether or not a game’s total will end up being lower and higher that the number initially set by the given sportsbook.

Props- Prop wagers can be seen as side bets predicting whether or not something will happen during a given game. An example of this is predicting that a particular player will achieve a triple double in an NBA event, or even hitting a home run in an MLB game.

Live betting- This betting option has really grown in popularity. Just because the game has started, it doesn’t mean that you cannot place your wager on it. Placing your bets as the game is going on makes the experience incredibly thrilling and exciting, especially since the odds throughout the game keep fluctuating.

Futures- Just as the name suggests, futures are wagers on events that will happen in the future. Usually, it applies to choosing a championship event winner, or even making a prediction on the players that will win in awards such as the CY young or the MVP.

Parlays- A parlay is a multiple-bet option in which players make several bets in one bet. In order for a win to happen, all the bets within the parlay have to emerge successful. If one bet is unsuccessful, the player ends up losing it all. The more the bets in the parlay, the bigger the wins on successful predictions.

Points Betting- This betting option is unique to PointsBet. It allows for bettors to earn rewards depending on how accurate their bets are. The catch here is that if your bet is not correct, you might end up losing more money.

The PointsBet Experience- Pointsbet Illinois Sportsbook App:

PointsBet sports wagering operator has a permit to operate from the IGB (Illinois Gaming Board). This allows for it to roll out both online and retail betting in Illinois. Upon downloading the app, players can indulge in an array of bet types and wagering markets. When it comes to in-play betting, there are tons of options to choose from. In addition to this, the live-betting option comes with insurance on certain bets as well as early cash out plans.

PointsBet is a globally recognized brand as a premium sportsbook operator. It launched its digital sports wagering product and mobile app in the state of Illinois when the NFL season was starting out. PointsBet has partnered with Hawthrone, which is the first out of 4 Chicago land-based entities. It will also be a precursor of the premium PointsBet sportsbook that is a part of Hawthorne’s grand $400M casino development project, set to open late in the year 2021 (the only thing pending is the last regulatory approval). The most unique thing about the PointsBet is its special PointsBetting privilege, which is unique to the sportsbook. With this feature, players can change any ordinary spread bet into a highly lucrative sort of bonus jackpot.

Banking Options

PointsBet offers players with an impressive selection of swift and convenient banking options. At the moment, the methods below are available with this operator, with the only requirement being a minimum of $10.

  • Bank E-check/ ACH
  • Mastercard or Visa Debit/ Credit cards
  • Direct Bank transfer
  • In-person deposits at the Hawthorne Race Course
  • In-person deposits at any of the ten OTB locations

PointsBet Illinois Mobile and or App

Illinois-based bettors have the special opportunity to download the PointsBet Mobile App. This option makes your entire betting experience easier, seeing as you can place your bets from any place you are within the state lines. For Android users, you will need to visit the PointsBet website, which has the dedicated Android App. The IOS app version can be downloaded from the App store. Below are some of the top features of the sportsbook.

PointsBetting- When it comes to the top features that PointsBet boasts, we cannot possibly leave out PointsBetting. This betting option is quite distinct, there is no way that you can miss it. Even more importantly, there is no way that it will not intrigue you. While the variables associated with Pointsbetting seem scary and somewhat intimidating, this is the thrill factor that certain bettors look for.

The game play here involves either winning or losing depending on the accuracy of the predictions made. When placing the wager, PointsBet always makes a point to clear the air on how much you can expect to win or lose depending on the outcome of the predictions that you will make. As such, nothing really comes as a surprise.

SGPs (Same Game Parlays) – This is a relatively new feature in the sports wagering industry. There are nearly countable sportsbooks that offer these options, PointsBet being one of them. In Illinois, for instance, there is only one other operator except PointsBet that offers this option. It does not matter whether you want to group together a bunch of prop bets, wager on the money lines option, take a spread or even wager on an over/under option, SGD allows for bettors to meet this.

Thursday and Monday NFL nights make a particularly great time to enjoy SGDs seeing as there is only one game that goes on that day. At the moment, PointsBet’s SGDs are only on the NFL. It is expected that within no time, SGDs on other events will be available at PointsBets.

Promo Galore- PointsBet has seen to it that their promotions and incentives are out of this world, easily taking the number one spot when it comes to matters rewards. Players can enjoy bonus bets, loyalty programs, bonus bets and many such incentives.

With the loyalty program, players can earn a single point for each $5 standard-odds bet made or even a point for each $1 wager on parlays, in addition to 1 point for each amount lost or won with pointsbetting. For all 100 points, a player’s PointsBet account is credited in the form of bonus bets. There are so many promos available at PointsBet, with the sportsbook’s promos page feeling like a scroll that is never-ending.

PointsBet Illinois Support

PointsBet wants for bettors to have a good foundation when it comes to matters of sports betting. As such, they have a betting tutor by the name “The Revis Betting Academy”. This allows for players to learn all the useful basics associated with sports wagering. If you are new to sports wagering, you will find all the necessary tools here. When it comes to customer support, you can count on PointsBet’s team as they are always available on email support and live chat.

Pointsbet Sportsbook Features

PointsBet might be a relatively new entrant into the industry, but it seems to have taken over in its own unique way. Below are some of the features that make the sportsbook a better choice than most.

PointsBetting- There is no mention of PointsBet’s unique features without a mention of PointsBetting. This is a special wager in which players meet their wins or loses based on their accuracy on predictions made.

Promotions- PointsBet features daily odds boosts, which sees to it that players have something to look forward to on a daily basis. Additionally, if there are major events in the course of the year, the sportsbook gives out even better promos. It is their generous offers that draw many players to the sportsbook.

PointsBet Parlay Booster- The sportsbook gives bettors an opportunity to boost parlays (ones of their own choosing) provided there are three or more legs. In the case of a win, this translated to even more money.

Easy and swift navigation- PointsBet boasts one of the swiftest sportsbooks in town. This is a great feature, especially if you want to quickly place a wager just before the game kick starts, or before the given odds change. The site is also user friendly, which is yet another plus.

Customer Service- PointsBet does a great job in seeing to it that the customer experience is exemplary. In case of any query, you can get in touch with the support team via chat or email. The sportsbook’s social media platforms are also alternative ways to reach out.


  1. Is it legal to wager on PointsBet in IL?

Yes it is. However, you will be required to be at least 21 years of age and also be within the state borders when registering and wagering.

  1. How does PointsBet Verify a player’s precise location?

To verify a member’s location, the sportsbook makes use of geo-location technology.

  1. Who is in charge of regulating sports wagering in the state?

The Illinois Gaming Board regulates all matters sports betting in Illinois

  1. What do I need to create a PointsBet account?

You will only be required to provide basic information such as your name, email address, phone number, ID and social security number

  1. What other wagering options are there other than PointsBetting?

PointsBet features conventional betting options including Spreads, money lines, overs & unders and so many more

  1. Are there other promotions other than sign up bonuses?

PointsBet has a reputation of immense generosity. As such, you can expect to find tons of promotions including bonus bets and many others.

General Info

Website: www.pointsbet.com

Operating Since: January 2019

Available in States: Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa and Illinois

Land-based Partner: Hawthorne Racecourse

Concluding Thoughts

PointsBet penetrating the US market was quite some great news, especially for domestic players. Plans to establish a niche in Illinois, the Prairie State, have given players a chance to try out a new provider, as a change from the operators that they have probably seen around. The Promo codes are great opportunities to earn some lucrative rewards. In addition to the traditional wagers, PointsBet brings bettors PointsBetting; a new and interesting way of going about sports betting. Another unique thing with PointsBet is the fact that they offer players a comprehensive education plan to ensure that they practice responsible wagering.