FanDuel Illinois

FanDuel Illinois is more than just a sportsbook. The platform started off as a betting site for daily fantasy sports, for which it has a popular reputation worldwide. Today, the platform is arguably the most popular sportsbook in the U.S.A.

FanDuel was launched in 2009 as a Daily Fantasy Sports platform. It made its entrance into the United States in 2018, shortly after the Supreme Court overturned the PAPSA law that had banned sports betting across the country up to that point.

The company was acquired by Paddy Power Betfair, which is one of Europe’s largest sports betting companies. The site’s popularity, combined with the vast experience of Betfair, have helped propel it to the top of the U.S. sports betting industry.

FanDuel entered the Illinois sports betting market in 2020 , becoming one of the very first sportsbooks to operate in the state. It has partnered with Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino to offer sports betting legally in the state. Here is an overview of everything it brings to the table.

FanDuel Illinois Bonuses & Promotions

FanDuel excels in many aspects, but it must be said that its bonuses and promotions are not as enticing as the rest of the market. However, it makes up for this with friendly and flexible requirements for how you can use the bonus money.

FanDuel Illinois has several bonuses and promotions to offer, including:

Odds Boosts

FanDuel picks out one bet every day and boosts the odds for that bet. For instance, the average bet with odds of -100 can have its odds boosted to up to -250. This means that you get a higher payout than usual if you gamble and win.

FanDuel Players Club

FanDuel is essentially a community of millions of sports enthusiasts from all over the world, and they all come together to form one of the industry’s biggest VIP clubs. Members of the VIP club are awarded points for every time they play. These points can then be used to buy into real-money tournaments, and they are considered real cash with cash payouts.

Other Offers

FanDuel also runs a long series of temporary and dynamic promos that vary in nature. These promos focus on a wide range of offers, including individual games, global tournaments, and action in the fantasy football world.

Promo Codes

The convenience of FanDuel’s bonuses and promotions doesn’t end with its friendly wagering requirements. Perhaps its most convenient aspect is that players don’t need promo codes to unlock any of these bonuses, which essentially means that every player on the platform is guaranteed these offers.

How to Place a Bet at FanDuel Illinois

Betting via FanDuel is not only easy but also enjoyable, thanks to the site’s intuitive interface. There is no procedure to it, really. Players only have to tap on a sports category, individual sport, or individual player from the left side of the app’s interface. Tapping on any listed category opens up a list of betting options under that category. You can then proceed to pick your desired betting options, depending on your preferences.

As one of the leading sportsbooks globally, FanDuel has one of the largest sports betting portfolios. It essentially scouts for sports events from all over the world. To this end, the available sports categories include:

Auto RacingBoxing/MMAHockey

Additionally, there are dozens of sports betting options under each of these categories. Some of the popular options include:

SpreadsLine PointsHome Team Points
TotalsBuy/Sell PintsAway Team Points

It is also worth noting that the covered sports categories include all of America’s favorite leagues. These include the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and more! Additionally, the categories also include some of Europe’s most popular leagues and tournaments, including all leagues under European soccer.

Novice bettors still trying to find their way around the bustling sports betting markets will also appreciate the platform’s intuitive guides. For example, the platform’s dedicated mobile app has a feature called the Sports Betting Training Camp Feature, which essentially guides players through every aspect of sports betting.

FanDuel Sports Betting User Experience & Features

FanDuel has been ranked among the most attractive sports betting apps, thanks primarily to its high-quality website and app interfaces. The website features an intuitive web design that makes it enjoyable to browse. The navigation panel at the top offers quick access to all pages. Additionally, the available sports betting options are listed clearly under each category, and users can narrow down their options using the search bar at the top.

Getting started on FanDuel is easy, even for first-time bettors. For starters, the registration process is easy. New players are only required to provide their ID details to join the site. These details include your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, physical address, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Each application is reviewed and approved in minutes – however, it is important that you provide credible, government-issued details or else your application will be rejected.

The intuitive interface is just one part of what makes FanDuel great. The operator also stands out when it comes to the technical aspects of betting. For example, it has some of the most competitive odds in the market. Additionally, it has some of the friendliest requirements for its bonuses and promotions. Last, but not least, is the privacy assured by the operator’s highly secure banking system.

It is not practical to list out everything that the FanDuel sportsbook has to offer. However, there are two features that every sports enthusiast will appreciate:

Live Betting

FanDuel’s live betting feature is designed with bettors’ best interests in mind. For starters, it does what every live betting feature does: it enables players to bet on games as they go on. This is one of the most lucrative features, as betting on a game after it has already started gives you greater insight into its most probable outcome.

However, unlike most other live betting features, FanDuel offers one of the largest selections of betting features, including high-profile games across the board. It also offers competitive odds for most of its live bets. What’s more, it has up and down indicators for its constantly changing odds. This means that the arrow turns green when the odds go up and red when the odds go down, which goes a long way in keeping you on top of the game’s progress.

Live Streaming

FanDuel also offers its users the convenient privilege of watching some of their most favorite games live for free via its live streaming feature. The site streams select games live, but the inventory of games is not as diverse as its sports betting or living betting portfolios. Still, the quality of its live streaming videos is great, and it works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile.

Banking Options

FanDuel leaves nothing to chance when it comes to users’ finances. It has one of the most robust banking systems of any sportsbook in the country. Its banking system is closely regulated by the various U.S. financial and gambling regulators. Additionally, it is secured by advanced cyber-security systems. Here is an overview of the different ways users can put money in and take it out. 

Deposit Options

There are more than a dozen deposit options, including many methods that you use for your day-to-day transactions. For starters, you can fund your account via a wide range of credit and debit cards, including:

Bank of AmericaTD Bank
Capital OneUnion Bank
Wells FargoHuntington Bank

You can also forego the banks and apply for FanDuel’s very own prepaid card, which will give you greater flexibility and convenience. You can also forego the swiping altogether and use the online money transfer options, which include PayPal and online bank transfer, which supports all of the listed debit and credit cards. Other options include check, e-check (ACH), and PayNearMe.

Many of these deposit methods are quick. Credit cards and online money transfers are usually instant, and the money should be reflected in your accounts in minutes. However, the other methods may take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to complete.

Withdrawal Options

FanDuel’s withdrawal options are fewer than the deposit methods, but this is because withdrawals are more sensitive. The available options are:

  • Check
  • E-check (ACH)
  • PayPal
  • FanDuel Prepaid Card

It is also worth noting that withdrawals take a bit longer to process. The earliest you can get your money is 24 hours after processing the withdrawal, but it can take as long as seven days depending on your preferred option. The quickest options are PayPal and FanDuel’s prepaid card, while the slowest option is a check, which takes between five and seven days.

Mobile App

FanDuel users in Illinois and all over the world can carry their sportsbooks with them anywhere they go, thanks to the operator’s dedicated mobile apps. The operator’s app has been ranked as one of the best, thanks to its comprehensive features.

For starters, the FanDuel app is easy to use thanks to its intuitive user interface. This makes it easy to find your desired sports betting options, as all pages and betting accessories are easily accessible from the left-side menu. Additionally, the app is highly responsive and will display exhaustive betting options for every category you tap. Bottom line: the app is just as resourceful as the operator’s main website.

There are dedicated apps for both Android and iOS users. However, while both apps are impressive, they differ slightly in certain aspects. One of these key differences is in how smartphone users can download these apps.

On one hand, iOS users can find the FanDuel app directly from the app store. What’s more, there are no additional requirements for installing or running it. However, it is advisable to update your mobile device to the latest version to prevent complications with compatibility.

Android users, on the other hand, have to take a less conventional route because Google does not allow real-money gambling apps in its PlayStore. To this end, users can only download the app indirectly through FanDuel’s mobile website by using the given APKs. Additionally, Android users are required to give their devices permission to allow installations from unknown sources, or else the app will not install. 


FanDuel is dedicated to its customers’ experience, and to this end has a dedicated customer support desk where customers can take any kind of complaint and get a lasting solution. There are four channels to contact customer support:

  • Phone – the operator provides a toll-free phone number that customers can call 24/7.
  • Live Chat – there is a live chat portal at the bottom of the website pages, as well as on the mobile apps.
  • Email – the operator also offers a dedicated email that is operational 24/7.
  • Snail Mail – snail mail is still available for those who prefer the old way of doing things.

The customer support desk is usually quick to reply to all queries, but this ultimately depends on your preferred communication channels. For example, you will get an instant response via live chat or over the phone. However, the response may take several hours via mail, and it can take days or weeks via snail mail. 


Is FanDuel legal in Illinois?

Yes, FanDuel is legal in Illinois and at least five other states across the U.S. It is, in fact, ranked as the best sportsbook in the country, and it is rightly considered so worldwide. To this end, you will not get into trouble or become disenfranchised betting on FanDuel.

How old do I have to be to bet on FanDuel in Illinois?

The legal gambling age in Illinois is at least 21 years old. To this end, applicants are required to provide their date of birth and the last four digits of their Social Security Numbers to verify their age, among other things.

How can I be sure that my money and private data will be safe at FanDuel?

FanDuel is licensed to operate in the U.S., which means that it is compliant with the country’s and state’s strict gambling laws. These laws require it to safeguard users’ private data, which includes their betting histories and banking information. Additionally, the operator uses advanced encryption software to keep hackers out, which is one of the main reasons why Paddy Power Betfair has such a stellar security record.

What are the minimum and maximum betting amounts on FanDuel?

The minimum betting amount of FanDuel is just $10, which is convenient for the cautious player. The confident player looking for a high-stakes experience, on the other hand, can bet as much as $10,000 on a single bet!

Why can’t I find a FanDuel app for my Android device?

There is a mobile FanDuel app for Android users, but it is not available on Google’s PlayStore. Instead, players can find links to the app’s APK from FanDuel’s main and mobile websites. Additionally, Android users are recommended to allow their devices to install apps from unknown sources, at least until the FanDuel app has been successfully installed.

Does FanDuel have guides or help for new players?

Yes, FanDuel has ready guides for new players who are new to the platform or simply don’t understand the basics of sports betting. These guides are available on the platform’s support and FAQ pages. Additionally, customers can call the customer care desk for one-on-one help from the platform’s friendly customer support agents.

General Info:

Operating Since:2018 (Founded 2009)
Available in States:Illinois, West Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee, Indiana
Land-Based Partner:Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino
Software Providers:Paddy Power Betfair
Banking Options:Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Online Bank Transfer, Check, PayNearMe, e-check